Reasons why you need the best grammar checker

Have you ever had a desire to ask someone "Correct my grammar, please"? If you deal with texts on a daily basis or if you needed to write just a few pieces in university you probably know that feeling. It is normal to have doubts and wonder if your work is accurate: even the most attentive and smart people tend to make minor mistakes and cannot protect themselves from typos. Wise people realize that for the writer it is extremely hard to notice own mistakes and wise people know how to deal with this problem - they check grammar online.

In a few clicks, you can find plenty of services that offer to check your texts, to detect and correct grammar mistakes. If you dare to use one of them you would immediately notice how beneficial it is. First of all, you would stop worrying that you give a paper full of mistakes to your tutor, editor, etc. Then you can figure out your most common mistakes and use this knowledge to avoid the similar inaccuracies in the future. You may also improve your style along with your language skills.

From any perspective, the exploitation of a checker seems to be advantageous. However, you might be confused when it comes to the selection of a service that meets your needs and expectations. We would like to give you a few pieces of advice and to help you make the right choice!

Choosing a service for grammar and spelling check

If you realize that you need some help you can easily find plenty of spelling and grammar check services on the Web. Considering you have no previous experience in the exploitation of such tools you might be confused and might fail to make the right choice. To reduce the risk of using the inappropriate grammar checker you should make sure that the service fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Identifies and corrects your mistakes

    The primary role of any grammar fixer is to make your text free from mistakes, typos, and other inaccuracies. Usually, checkers differ from each other as they apply different sets of grammar rules to the text. Hence, when you scan your text with two programs you may get slightly different results. You should choose the software that offers you more accurate results.

  2. Offers additional functions

    Using such tools is not only about checking grammar - a good service provides you with an opportunity to verify punctuation, to find out if the text is plagiarism free, to make sure the style is consistent throughout the text.

  3. Helps you study

    When you perform a grammar check you should pay attention not only to mistakes you made but to their origins to. It means that decent software provides you with explanations of your mistakes, offers you alternatives in order to enrich your vocabulary, warns you in a case you misuse words. These brief insights into rules would help you master your language skills and get rid of similar mistakes in the future.

  4. Available online and offline

    You may need to check some texts written in the browser (e.g., emails, instant messages, etc.) as well as to scan pieces you wrote while being offline. For your convenience, you should select the service that works regardless the connection to the Web.

  5. Simple in exploitation

    When you need to check your work the last thing you want to be bothered with is technical aspects of the software. The program you use must be simple and intuitive so that you can get the results of analysis in a few clicks.

The variety of free online grammar check services

Even thought you already know which characteristics of software to pay attention to the huge number of checkers available in the market may confuse you. To simplify your life and to make your choice easier we have prepared the top-3 grammar checking programs you can find online.


Grammarly is one of the most accurate and sophisticated services you may use to perform spell, grammar check. The analysis of your possible mistakes is made on the basis of approximately 250 grammar rules so that even the minor errors would be noticed. Moreover, when you ask Grammarly "Check my grammar, please!" you get in-depth explanations of all the inaccuracies so that you have a chance to make your language perfect. The program also detects spelling and punctuation mistakes, checks your style and makes sure there in no plagiarism in your piece. The only evident disadvantage of Grammarly is its pricing policy: those who use the service for free have access only to the basic analysis of texts. In order to enjoy the full set of tools, the one has to buy a subscription.


The program is simple in exploitation and allows its users to perform a real-time check of their texts. It is also enhanced with so-called "word prediction" option: when user types something the software tries to guess the word and offers a few alternatives. Hence, it is possible to save some time due to this function. Although Ginger is pretty good in identifying and correcting grammar mistakes it provides no explanations of the corrections made. One more drawback of the service is that it provides no plagiarism check. Anyway, Ginger is a high-quality online grammar checker convenient for the instant analysis of texts written in a browser.


This service is equally convenient for the grammar check online and for scanning full texts in text editors offline. You can utilize the software for free and benefit from quick analysis of any possible grammar mistakes. Unfortunately, the results might be not accurate enough so you should consider checking your text once again with another tool. Also, Reverso provides no plagiarism check.

The art of using grammar tools

Regardless if you decide to use free grammar check service or to buy a subscription you will not benefit from exploitation of such software if you use it absent-mindedly. For sure, you would be satisfied with short-term results you get: your texts would be error-free. But in order to benefit in a long-term perspective you should know how to utilize your checker properly:

  • Check your texts every time when you write something so that you can detect your usual mistakes. The more often you check your grammar – the more likely you would get rid of mistakes soon;
  • Be critical when you see the suggestions offered by a grammar corrector. Even though programs usually explain the corrections with rules you have to remember that in some cases the machine cannot feel your style or your ideas;
  • Do your best to memorize the mistakes you make and the reasons why you make them. If you regularly pay attention to explanations provided by the checker, it is likely that you would soon stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Now you know how to choose the checker, which characteristics to take into consideration, what the market can offer you today, and how you should use the program in order to maximize the profit. The only thing left is to find the right service and to start using it. So, do not waste your time and give it a try now!