Your guide to the world of proofreading tools

The art of writing a decent text comes with practice and experience: you have to know what to write, how to write and how to do it properly. Apparently, there is no power that may give you talent and creativity but there is an instrument that may make your writing look tidy and readable. Today, there are plenty of proofreading services that would check your text, detect all the inaccuracies, underline them and encourage you to correct them. The only thing you have to do is to run the program.

From now on, proofreading is not a painful and time-consuming process that follows the moments of inspiration and productive work: your piece should look accurate and grammatically correct, otherwise, it has no value. Luckily, proofreading instruments have already turned into smart assistants that perform the following actions:

  • Check grammar
  • Analyze punctuation
  • Verify your spelling
  • Offer substitutes for repetitive words
  • Keep words and symbols count
  • Detect plagiarism

The functionality you get depends on the provider you choose. This step is quite responsible as if you fail to find a high-quality proofreading tool you might make your texts look worse. Unfortunately, not all the services are decent enough and there might be a situation when the program detects mistakes when there are, actually, no mistakes. Hence, if the service is not good enough you might compromise your reputation, get low marks, spoil relations with clients and lose salary. To avoid such an unpleasant situation you need to know how to choose the right vendor and to understand what is going on in the proofreading market. is ready to guide you through the process of a proofreader selection. As there are numerous offers in the market you need someone who can give you reasonable and smart advice. And is the one that will do it. We monitor innovations in the market on the regular basis, test the existing tools and compare them. As some instruments are better in grammar check, some perform scanning for plagiarism perfectly, and some are excellent in spell check, we make separate top-lists that introduce the tools which are more suitable for certain purposes. Along with the short overviews of the software available we list the main advantages and drawbacks of the vendors so that you can understand what imperfections you would need to deal with in a case you decide to utilize a particular program.

Also, we provide general recommendations on how to choose the service. You should know which features and characteristics to pay attention to when you are in a search of a multifunctional proofreader, grammar checker or plagiarism detector. In addition, we offer you simple tips that would help you utilize the software correctly: if you do not know how to use the tool properly you would fail to experience any benefits.

  • What is the best grammar checker?
  • Do I need an online or offline spelling corrector?
  • Does a paid service perform a better check than a free one?
  • Can I trust my plagiarism detector?
  • Do I need a few checkers or I can find the one dealing with all the mistakes?
  • Which tool do I have to use to enrich my vocabulary?
  • Does the service take into account my style of writing?

If you have these or any other questions considering proofreading services we are ready to help you and to consult you. Whenever you feel doubts and cannot make a decision on which tools to use, you can always look through our recommendations and find the right solution. So, if you are currently in search or if you want to improve your work with a decent proofreader then will be happy to assist you and to make your life easier!