A brief insight into free grammar and spell check

Misspelled words look like dirt on your paper. A tiny typo or mistake lets the reader know that you did not proofread the text and makes him think that you are either ignorant or disrespectful. Apparently, you do not want to be perceived as such but mistakes are unavoidable when it comes to any kind of writing. The point is not in correct writing but in smart proofreading. Luckily, today there are services that can take your burden and eliminate all of your spelling inaccuracies.

The advantages inherent to so-called spell checkers seduce not only those who deal with texts professionally (journalists, copywriters, writers, etc.) but also all the wise people who value their reputation. You may use a spell checker free of charge or buy subscription; you may perform spelling check online or use desktop software; you may do whatever you want as long as you follow one simple rule: whenever you have doubts – use a spell checker. This simple tool would help you make your texts look tidy and sophisticated.

As the popularity of checkers grows new vendors appear in the market. We do not want you to feel confused while you are in search of a perfect instrument for checking your spelling. Hence, we would like to share a few recommendations that you may find helpful.

What free spell and grammar check offers you

When you decide to use a spell checking service you definitely expect it to perform its key duty – the elimination of spelling inaccuracies and typos in your texts. However, the decent spelling check software can offer you plenty of other benefits which are not that obvious. In addition to tidy and clean text you get:

Key traits of a perfect spelling checker

The benefits inherent to paid and free spell check services are undeniable. However, to feel all the profit from the exploitation of spell correction software you have to find the program that suits your own needs and expectations. This task is not too complicated but it might take some time as the market offers you a wide range of tools that perform spell check free of charge. In order to speed up the selection process and to make your life easier we would like to suggest our list of the most crucial characteristics any spell check software should possess:

Always read the feedback left by current and former users of any spell check website. If you spend a few minutes to read reviews you would find out lots of interesting information on the peculiarities of the software you are about to use. Obviously, it is advisable to utilize only those programs that have a positive reputation.

You need your text to be correct and look attractive. Therefore, you need the checker to perform its functions perfectly – all the mistakes have to be eliminated. Hence, look for the program that uses a wide range of tools and applies multiple rules to text analysis.

Even the free online spell check services usually offer additional options: along with analysis of spelling mistakes you may get grammar and punctuation correction, plagiarism detection, etc. You are the one interested in getting as perfect result as possible. So, try to find the checker that would work with diverse dimensions of your text.

You never know where and when you would need to check your piece of writing. When you write in a browser (e.g., emails, instant messages, etc.) you need to perform a spell check online. But when you work with long texts in word processors it is not convenient to apply online tools – you would need software that integrates with desktop editors and analyzes your spelling offline. Ideally, you should select the service that is equally suitable for the Web and for text editors.

A good service analyzes your text instantly, even before you managed to think “Check my spelling!” You do not need a program that requires any additional efforts except clicking a few buttons.

The spell checker you deserve

Today, you can find quite a lot of spelling correction tools. As the demand for such service is high vendors do not lose their time and try to make the most appealing offers to attract as many users as possible. However, not all the services can boast of a high quality and decent performance. We have checked software available in the market and we want to present you two leaders that seem to be the most reliable and convenient:


This software checks not only your spelling mistakes but also corrects grammar and punctuation, checks the style and identifies plagiarism. To enjoy the full package of services you have to buy a subscription but even when you use a free version the analysis is deep enough to make your text look sophisticated. Grammarly is really picky when it comes to typos and any kinds of mistakes. So, you have no reasons to worry that some of your inaccuracies would remain unnoticed. In addition to in-depth analysis of the text, you get extensive explanations of how the text could be improved.


This service is great when it comes to spell check: all the misspelled words, typos, style inconsistencies would be detected immediately, highlighted and explained. Hence, in addition to the right spelling of the word you get an insight into the rules that would help you avoid similar mistakes in your texts. Unfortunately, SpellCheckPlus is not that perfect when it comes to the analysis of your grammar. Also, the full version of the program is quite expensive but you can use it for free if you need just a quick online spelling check.

You may make your own market research and try to find other services that meet your needs. Now you know which characteristics to take into consideration and how to evaluate the checker. So, make your choice and start using it as soon as possible! You would be surprised with the results!